Connor Price – Violet Ringtone Download

Category: Rap - Hip Hop 258
Feeling so tall, I could give a high five to the pilotYeah, family tight, I keep small circle like eyeletWhoa, inbox full of contracts I sign with a stylusYeah, blue faces blowing up like Violet
Talk about the things they gonna say when they see meAnd when they see me, they just dap me up and say good to meet meI keep it going flowing over this I make it look easyEasy for me to say I do this every day of the weekI’m eager to be the one they talk about when all said and done with itI’m the feature that they want, but then they don’t when I come with itI’m a scene stealer, seat filler, blow up the numbersAnd I ain’t leaving no crumbs so you know when I’m done with it