SOS – James Arthur Ringtone Download

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SOS – James Arthur Ringtone Download:

SOS, save my soul
I’ve been drowning for too long
SOS, save my soul, you know
‘Cause you know
You gotta throw me a lifeline (You gotta throw me a lifeline)
Throw me your heart (Just throw me your heart)
I’ve been waiting a lifetime (I’ve been waiting a lifetime)
I’m calling for an SOS to save my soul tonight
[Verse 2]
Propeller, spinning me away forever (Spinning me)
Umbrella, shelter me from stormy weather (Shelter me)
Lines severed, but I know you’ve been looking out
But you can hear me calling out
It’s you I’m forever in debt to
Never been the same since the day that I met you
Going down, can you come to my rescue? (Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)