The Weeknd

The Weeknd

  • Real Name: Abel Makkonen Tesfaye
  • Date Of Birth: February 16, 1990
  • Hometown: The Weeknd was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Weeknd, a Canadian R&B sensation, has taken the music world by storm with his sultry vocals and atmospheric soundscapes. His featured albums, like “Starboy” and “After Hours,” explore themes of love, longing, and hedonism. The Weeknd’s music is characterized by its dark, moody aesthetic and introspective lyrics, making him a critical and commercial success. His unique blend of pop and R&B has earned him a dedicated global fan base.

Ringtones of Singer


View: 683 Category: RnB

Post Malone, The Weeknd – One Right Now

View: 342 Category: RnB

NAV, The Weeknd – Some Way

View: 261 Category: RnB

The Weeknd – Out Of Time

View: 346 Category: RnB

The Weeknd – False Alarm

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The Weeknd – Snowchild

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The Weeknd – Try Me

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The Weeknd – Secrets

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The Weeknd – Reminder

View: 421 Category: RnB

Another One of Me

View: 375 Category: RnB

Power Is Power

View: 429 Category: Pop

Call Out My Name

View: 831 Category: RnB

The Weeknd – Starboy

View: 403 Category: RnB

The Hills

View: 445 Category: Dance

Can’t Feel My Face

View: 421 Category: RnB

You Right

View: 492 Category: Rap - Hip Hop


View: 922 Category: Rap - Hip Hop

The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp – Dollhouse

View: 529 Category: Rap - Hip Hop

The Weeknd – False Idols

View: 816 Category: Rap - Hip Hop

The Weeknd – Like A God

View: 622 Category: RnB

The Weeknd, Lily Rose Depp, Ramsey – Fill the Void

View: 959 Category: Rap - Hip Hop

The Weeknd, JENNIE, Lily Rose Depp – One Of The Girls

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The Weeknd – A Lesser Man

View: 304 Category: Rap - Hip Hop

Double Fantasy ver2

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