Upbeat Songs

Upbeat Songs

Energize your spirit with our dynamic collection of Upbeat Songs. Infused with infectious rhythms and positive vibes, these tracks are a one-way ticket to an uplifted mood. From groovy beats to empowering lyrics, each song radiates positivity. Discover your personal anthem and consider setting it as your phone ringtone—a pocket-sized burst of enthusiasm that brightens every call. Embrace the rhythm of positivity and carry it with you wherever you go.

Ringtones of mood

Serena – Safari

View: 574 Category: Dance

Doja Cat – Boss Bitch

View: 601 Category: Rap - Hip Hop


View: 291 Category: Korean

BOL4 – Galaxy

View: 305 Category: Korean

Perfect Night (Holiday Remix)

View: 394 Category: Korean

Hymn For The Weekend (Remix)

View: 406 Category: Dance

aespa – Drama

View: 1737 Category: Korean


View: 335 Category: Korean

Connor Price – Violet

View: 343 Category: Rap - Hip Hop

Spice Girls – Wannabe

View: 592 Category: Pop

JENNIE – You and Me (Coachella ver.)

View: 3076 Category: Dance

(G)I-DLE – Eyes Roll

View: 658 Category: Korean

Billlie – BYOB (bring your own best friend)

View: 444 Category: Korean

Taylor Swift – Gorgeous

View: 440 Category: Pop

SZA, Adam Levine – What Lovers Do

View: 389 Category: RnB

Taylor Swift – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

View: 442 Category: Pop

Got Me Started

View: 288 Category: Pop

Summertime Friends

View: 685 Category: Dance

Annalisa – Mon Amour

View: 685 Category: Pop

Andy Grammer – Don’t Give Up On Me

View: 284 Category: Pop

Chloe – 8 Hours

View: 405 Category: Pop

Smoke (Prod. Dynamicduo, Padi)

View: 2332 Category: Korean

Weeekly – Good Day (Special Daileee)

View: 411 Category: Korean

Dan + Shay – Breakin’ Up With a Broken Heart

View: 386 Category: Dance