Relaxing songs

Relaxing songs

Indulge in tranquility with our curated collection of Relaxing Songs. Each note is a soothing caress, weaving a tapestry of calm and serenity. Let the gentle melodies wash away stress and create a serene ambiance. Discover your serene sanctuary within these tunes and, if you’re captivated, consider making one your phone ringtone—an oasis of peace that accompanies every call, turning daily interruptions into moments of relaxation and reprieve.

Ringtones of mood

Scared To Start

View: 71 Category: Pop

NewJeans – Hurt

View: 454 Category: Korean

sapientdream – Pastlives

View: 5676 Category: Pop

JENNIE – You and Me (Jazz ver.)

View: 1077 Category: Korean

Ed Sheeran – Head > Heels

View: 382 Category: Pop

V – For Us Ver 2

View: 809 Category: Korean

Tinashe – Uh Huh

View: 248 Category: RnB

Adele – Oh My God

View: 454 Category: Pop

V – Slow Dancing

View: 10438 Category: Korean

Post Malone, Drake – Try Again

View: 234 Category: Rap - Hip Hop

Into You

View: 413 Category: Dance

Oliver Anthony – 90 Some Chevy

View: 567 Category: Country

Halle Bailey – For the First Time (From The Little Mermaid)

View: 464 Category: Other

V – Rainy Days (DANIELLE NewJeans Cover)

View: 649 Category: Korean

Victoria Monét – Party Girls

View: 270 Category: RnB

Zach Bryan, Maggie Rogers – Dawns

View: 518 Category: Country

V – Winter Bear

View: 761 Category: Korean

Need To Know Doja Cat TikTok Remix

View: 246 Category: Other

The Way (Live From London)

View: 229 Category: RnB

The Rose – You’re Beautiful

View: 512 Category: Korean

Crush – Beautiful

View: 468 Category: Korean

death bed

View: 389 Category: Rap - Hip Hop

Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes

View: 339 Category: Pop

Highs & Lows

View: 983 Category: Rap - Hip Hop