Love songs

Love songs

Dive into the ultimate collection of Love Songs that speak to the heart. Each melody encapsulates the essence of love’s journey, from its gentle beginnings to its fiery crescendos. Let the music paint your emotions and lyrics resonate with your soul. If a tune strikes a chord, why not make it your phone’s ringtone? Elevate every call with a touch of romance—a melody that mirrors your feelings and sets the perfect tone for connection.

Ringtones of mood

BOL4 – You(=I) HOT Tiktok

View: 253 Category: Korean

Cause you light the way – Jessie J – Flashlight Tiktok ver

View: 157 Category: Pop

IU – My Old Story

View: 76 Category: Korean

BOL4 – Galaxy

View: 78 Category: Korean

And I hope I never lose you – Taylor Swift – Cornelia Street

View: 110 Category: Pop

BOL4 – You(=I)

View: 92 Category: Korean

BOL4 – Tell Me You Love Me

View: 64 Category: Korean

Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do

View: 139 Category: Dance

Taylor Swift – This Love (Taylor’s Version)

View: 238 Category: Pop

Jennie – You And Me

View: 7021 Category: Korean

JENNIE – You and Me (Jazz ver.)

View: 722 Category: Korean

JENNIE – You and Me (Coachella ver.)

View: 2208 Category: Dance

Taylor Swift – Superman (Taylor’s Version)

View: 306 Category: Pop

AKMU – Love Lee

View: 3400 Category: Korean

Ed Sheeran – Midnight

View: 322 Category: Pop

Taylor Swift – Lover

View: 388 Category: Pop

Chloe – 8 Hours

View: 243 Category: Pop

Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Clever – Forever

View: 293 Category: Pop

123 I Love You

View: 211 Category: Other

Hits Different

View: 218 Category: Pop


View: 435 Category: Korean

Jax – Like My Father

View: 735 Category: Pop

Jax – Like My Father Ver2

View: 213 Category: Pop


View: 426 Category: Korean