Funny Songs

Funny Songs

Embark on a side-splitting musical adventure with our collection of Funny Songs. These catchy tunes are sure to tickle your funny bone and evoke laughter from the depths of your soul. From witty lyrics to whimsical melodies, each track is a dose of joy. Find your favorite and consider making it your phone ringtone, spreading contagious laughter with every call. Elevate your mood and share the hilarity with a simple ring.

Ringtones of mood

The Gummy Bear Song

View: 538 Category: Dance

The Duck Song

View: 635 Category: Other

Sexy and I Know It

View: 689 Category: Pop

Eat It

View: 349 Category: Other

Things That Never Cross A Mans Mind

View: 499 Category: Country

Big Shaq – Mans Not Hot

View: 464 Category: Other

Welcome to the Internet

View: 807 Category: Other

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

View: 562 Category: Pop

Jimothy Lacoste – Subway System

View: 317 Category: Other

Big Bottom This Is Spinal Tap

View: 367 Category: Other

Rebecca Black – Friday

View: 351 Category: Pop

Garfunkel and Oates – 29/31

View: 389 Category: Other

Flight of the Conchords – Business Time

View: 363 Category: Other

IU – Bbibbi

View: 511 Category: Korean